Friday, April 30, 2010

For Your Friday

On the heels of Music Mondays, we here at Quilts A Bit brings you For You Friday. Yep. This is for you. Isn't that a great way to start your weekend? With something just for you? This For You Friday is a book recommendation. Who knows what you'll get next week.

This is a good book.

Because it is about all those things in our lives that are awesome. It is a long list. And this list is full of things that I can honestly say I overlook all the time. Which is a shame. There is a lot of awesomeness out there, and you don't even have to look for it. You just need to stop overlooking it.

And the commentary in the Book of Awesome is lovely, in a "make your day" kind of way.

Some of the things in the Book of Awesome include:
  1. Bakery Air
  2. The Sound of Scissors Cutting Construction Paper
  3. Seeing Someone Laugh in Their Sleep.
The book has lots more awesome things. I swear it will make you smile. Really.

So, from me to you, The Book of Awesome. Enjoy.

L xo

PS - The Book started as a website - 1000 Awesome Things.

PPS - The author is Neil Pasricha.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Well, hello there ...

I wish I had pictures of New York to show you. I don't because I didn't pull my camera out once. I wish I could tell you I went to Purl Soho and bought tons of fabric and saw my friend Ruth but I didn't. I mean, I did go but I missed her, which was easy to do because the place was CRAZY. I didn't buy anything because it was chaotic.

I am going back to New York in June with my charming husband and will spend a Saturday there while he goes to a baseball game. I will come home with lots of fabric then. I am hoping that I can convince Ruth to give me another chance and we can meet up in June (please ???).

All in all, the trip was okey dokey and a good time was had by all. I missed my family like crazy but had a great time with my friends and made some new ones as well. I stayed up much too late every single night. I am paying for it now.

I did buy a few knitting kits from Wool and the Gang. Very cool.

I have not even looked at my sewing machine. I will get back at it soon.

L xo

PS - I can't wait to talk to all my quilting friends - weird to go 5 days without a hello.

PPS - We are expecting a blizzard here in Calgary today. Fun times.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Music Mondays

So, I have decided to start our week off on the right foot. And to that end, I introduce to you, Music Mondays. Every Monday (fingers crossed), I am going to post for you a video of some of the music I listen to while I happily sew away on all my quilting projects.

While the songs may not always be your cup of tea, I thought it would be kind of fun to share some of my favourite music with you. And I hope that, if you are so inclined, that you will do the same. Doesn't have to be every Monday, or even a Monday, for that matter, just share a little something you like too.

Might be a great way to get to know one another better. We shall see.

L xo

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guess Where I Am ...

[Image courtesy of Purl Soho]

Yes, yes, New York, obviously. But most probably, as you read this, I am inside those doors and am trying to catch my breath as I take in all of the gorgeous yarn, fabric and haberdashery that make Purl Soho the lovely store that it is.


L xo

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I love reading. It is my favourite thing to do. Right now I am reading "Cutting for Stone". It is amazing.

You should read it.

L xo

PS - When I say I am reading this book, I am not lying. Right now, I am on a plane to New York and, if I was a betting man, I'd bet that I am reading this book. Unless the Ativan has kicked in, in which case, I am sleeping. I told you I don't like flying ...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All Cut Up

Well, the Beatnik bee blocks are done and are ready to send. Choosing 6 different blocks may not have been the most time saving idea I have ever had. But, you see, I wanted to make sure that this quilt was different - for me and my fellow bee-ers. And the way that I thought I could do that was to give everyone 2 different blocks. Which meant that I had a lot of figuring to do. I am sure that I've told you that numbers are my strong suit. So I cut everything up in a way that made sense to me and (hopefully) gave everyone more than enough fabric. It took more time than I would have thought.

To be honest, I really wanted to do my Charley Harper quilt. And one day I will. But it didn't seem right for this Bee. Not sure why.

L xo

PS - I am almost all packed.

PPS - Thank you to my sweet friends who left such nice messages for me on my Crocodile Tears post. You are very kind and I so appreciate your words.

PPPS - I'll have some surprises for you here while I am in NYC for 5 days.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I think my sweet children knew that I was (PAST TENSE) having a hard time going to New York on Thursday because they pulled out all the stops this morning.

I mean, those two boys drove me bananas!!!

Just like that, New York doesn't seem like a bad idea at all.

L xo

PS - How much cutting of fabric for Bee Blocks can a girl take? It seems to be taking FOREVER.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crocodile Tears

[photo from Nest Pretty Things]

So, as you know, I am off to New York at the end of the week. While at one time I was super excited to go, this is no longer the case.

If you would have told me, even a year ago, that I would want to cancel a trip to New York with friends to stay home with my family, I think I would have laughed. Not because I wouldn't want to be with my lovely family, but because who in their right mind passes up a trip to New York with the girls ...

Because a trip to New York means sleeping in a king size bed all by myself with no one to wake me up early. And it is quiet time without someone saying "what should I do now" or "mama, will you play with me". And it is meals eaten while seated and not on the run trying to get one of two from point A to point B. And just time. Time to myself. Precious time.

And for all the reasons above, that should make me want to go, I don't want to go at all. The thought of sleeping alone seems oh so lonely. And not hearing those voices, heartbreaking. And missing having to get here and there while we sing "Down By the Bay" makes me very, very sad.

There have been tears. Great, big crocodile tears at the thought of getting on the plane. Silly, right? But it doesn't feel silly. It feels like a big rock of regret in my stomach.

Isn't it funny how our priorities constantly change? All I want is to be home with my wonderfully lovely little boys and my most charming husband. Even on the days I think I have had enough of all 3 of them and I might just try to run away.

L xo

PS - I am blaming hot yoga for all of this. You see, in hot yoga, I spend a lot of time giving thanks for the amazing life I have - for my beautiful family, my friends, my health, the sun in Spring ... And I think the more I give thanks, the more aware I am of how good I have it. And the more aware I am, the more I just want to capture it all up in a jar - to keep this magical life safe and sound.

PPS - I am putting my trust out there to the Universe that my family will be well taken care of while I am gone.

PPPS - I love birdcages. Love them. And I love Nest Pretty Things too. A lot.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Pain in the Neck

I had plans for this weekend, let me tell you. I had plans. To sew, sew, sew.

They kind of didn't happen. Thanks to a lovely birthday boy and his 14 friends who had a great time at his birthday party yesterday. Thanks to the fact I went to bed at 6:30 p.m. last night and slept until 7:30 this morning. Thanks to a garden that needed to be tended to today.

All good reasons, don't you think?

Still, I got a few things done. There was a lot of washing of fabric. There was a lot of ironing of fabric. There was a lot of cutting of fabric. All of the washing, ironing, and cutting led to a very sore neck. Must have been hunching or something. I haven't had a sore neck before. Not so much fun.

So, I've packed it in for today. There is always tomorrow.

L xo

PS - I don't normally prewash my fabric. Now I know why. Too much work. A pain in the neck, if you ask me. (hee hee)

PPS - I cut the fabric in the picture a little while ago - they are for my Bee block in June. They aren't the ones that caused me the pain. I'll show you a picture of those this week.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Quick Hello

Just a quick hello. Things are too busy around here. So here is a list:
  1. Yesterday, my little big man turned 8. We are having "birthweek" not "birthday" celebrations. It is so nice to be around someone who loves having a birthday. This is in complete contrast to the adults in the family, who would rather skip them.
  2. I am working on a quilt. I haven't said a word about it. I am hoping to have something to share soon.
  3. I am completely second guessing my Beatnik Bee blocks (the Charley Harper quilt). It may be too much. And I don't want to stress anyone out. I have plenty of other ideas. I'll make a decision by the end of the week.
  4. I leave for New York in 9 days. I have stopped myself from buying fabric twice this week. I am going to save it all for Purl Soho.
  5. We have had snow twice this week. It is very grey here. I could fall asleep. Grey weather does that to me.
  6. There is a new ezine for quilters - FQ - it looks like it has potential, don't you think?

Okay, that's it. Let's talk sooner rather than later and for sure before I leave for the Big Apple.

L xo

Friday, April 9, 2010


Originally uploaded by bebejack
I haven't told you about how I lost my mind recently and joined my fav local quilting and everything else wonderfully stitchy shop, Out of Hand, in starting an OMG quilt.

What is an OMG quilt? Well, let me tell you. It is a quilt of epic proportions for someone like me. The strips are 1". Yes, you read right. ONE INCH. And the quilt isn't a doll quilt. Nope. It is way bigger.

But I have to tell you, I am liking it. Crazy, isn't it. But then again, I doubt you come here looking for "sane", do you?

First of all, even though it is all 1" strips, I don't have to cut 1" strips because Deirdre got this Accucut thingy that does that. You turn a handle and presto, all cut.

Second, sometimes it is just nice to sew. I can just sit and sew strips and strips and strips. It is strangely meditative. The OMG quilt will require miles and miles of strips to be sewn. Who knows, by the end I could be so zen-like, you won't recognize me.

I think that all and all, as daunting as the quilt might have seemed at first, it is a really great project. And if I am lucky, it will be done by the time I am in the Old Folks Home (I hoping that isn't for another solid 45 years).

L xo

PS - To offset the teensy-ness of this quilt, I am making a quilt out of Amy Butler's Love collection that has huge, huge pinwheels. Hopefully, I'll have pictures for you by the end of the weekend.

PPS - Do you like the OMG embroidery? I might need to do that.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Like A Hole in the Head

Really. I need something new to do like I need a hole in the head. But there is no way I can resist. Resistance is futile.

What am I not able to resist, you ask? Embroidery. Yep. I am a goner.

Have you seen some of the stuff out there?

Like this

[Embroidery and Photo by Polka and Bloom]

Or this ...

[Embroidery Pattern and Photo by Penguin and Fish]

And just like quilting, there is this whole sweet little community of embroidery people and three of them are kind enough to be doing tutorials RIGHT NOW (Follow the White Bunny (on Magpie Patterns blog), Early Bird Special, and Style Crush). Which completely fits with my schedule.

You really need to see this blog too ...

C'mon, seriously. So not fair. Look how pretty that is. If their banner is that sweet, can you imagine what kind of stuff they do. Lovely. Must learn how ...

(I confess that I already bought some stuff. Because there is a class list of materials. I even bought some patterns. I am keen. Oh so keen. )

L xo

PS - The whole "fits with my schedule" thing, is a lie. I can't/shouldn't fit anymore into my schedule BUT because I am somewhat obsessive/compulsive and when I want to learn something, I want to learn it NOW, it fits with my schedule. See?

PPS - I used to knit like crazy. Now I sew like crazy. The only thing about sewing is that, except for binding, it isn't super portable. Which means I have nothing to keep my hands busy when I am watching tv at night. Which leads to the "Cereal Problem". The problem is that I eat a bowl of cereal because my hands aren't busy and I lay there watching tv, convincing myself I am hungry. The Cereal Problem wouldn't be a problem if the cereal were, say, Special K. The problem is that it is Lucky Charms and Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes ... you get where I am going with this?

PPPS - Speaking of knitting, why am I the last to know about this?

Amy Butler Midwest Modern Knits (Rowan)

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Post by E and L ...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Here's hopping (heehee) your Easter is absolutely wonderful!

L xo

Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Open Letter to J. Crew

Dearest J. Crew,

You know I love you. I have loved you for a long, long time. Like since Undergrad. And we know that was a long, long time ago. But, I have to be honest. Because true love needs to be honest, if nothing else.

So, in all honesty, I was really disappointed when I went into the J Crew store in Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale this weekend. Not because of the staff or anything. They were lovely. But because there was nothing to buy. Not much anyway. Which is so not how it happens when I go to J Crew. Ask Mastercard, they know. Now, I know you were probably trying to do me a favour with there still being a recession and all, but I would have liked to buy a little something. You know what I am saying?

Do you know how much this hurts me? Because you are unwilling to open stores in my lovely country, I can only visit you every once and awhile. And to have nothing to buy? Heartbreaking.

But because love forgives, I am going to give you one more chance when I am in New York at the end of April. You have to understand one thing though, Purl, as in one of the greatest knitting and fabric stores EVER, is having their moving party the same weekend I am there. And they are moving into a very big, shiny new store. With lots and lots of tempting yarn and fabric. Just sayin.

[map by Lena Cowin from Purl Bee blog]

Obviously, there will be stiff competition where my fun money goes.

Let's hope May is a better month for you. Again, just sayin.

L xo

PS - One word. Romper. Seriously?

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Little Bit of Big News (for me) and a Big Thank You too

So, one night a little while ago, I was in bed watching tv and surfing the net. I like to go to PS I Quilt not only because I love Rachel's blog, but because she has a great blog list on her blog. Up until a week ago, I couldn't figure out Blogger/Google reader so I would go to Rachel's blog and click on her blog roll (is that a bad thing? Not sure). Anyhow, Rachel's blog roll has a lot of my favourite blogs and a few that I visit once and awhile.

Anyhow, I digress. There I was clicking away and reading blog posts when I clicked on Moda Lissa's blog. Now why I hadn't read her blog more is beyond me because that is one great blog. So I click on the blog, and start reading her post. And her post is about how she made the 55 Rad Blogs list in the April/May edition of Quilter's Home magazine. Which makes sense because she has one great blog (as I have already mentioned).

I keep reading and she goes on to tell about a few of the blogs listed, some of which she already knew about and some that were new to her. (Do you see where I am going with this?). And there I was. Which was so crazy. There I was. Unbelievable. For a million reasons. Me. Really?

But I wasn't really going to believe it until I saw for myself. Which I did today. Right after hot yoga, I went to the bookstore and picked up a copy of the magazine and, low and behold, there I was. Which made me kinda do that pee dance that preschoolers do when they really have to go. Because this is just really lovely. And I was a little excited. Just a little.

So a big thank you to Quilter's Home magazine (it is a great magazine, if you ask me). It made my month, that's for sure. And to all the other bloggers, I am beyond humbled because you are all so freakin' awesome. Really, really.

L xo

PS -The pee dance caught the attention of a wee little old lady who was reading knitting magazines beside me. Seeing me dance around, she directed me to the washroom at the back of the store. She was obviously hard of hearing because when I told her that I was just excited about being in a magazine and didn't need to use the washroom, she told me not to hold it in a minute longer or I would be wearing a diaper when I was her age. NO LIE!

PPS - Okay, you have to read the magazine. Because a magazine that has a margarita recipe is pretty much awesome. And even though I am not one to eat hardboiled eggs, the recipe for curried eggs is going to rock E's world. In a quilting mag, who would of thought? Awesome.

PPPS - The best 3 things to come out of being in the magazine:
  1. the email my parents wrote me after I told them about the article and they went to my blog and read my posts. It was some of the kindest words ever. Even at 39, making your parents proud is an awesome feeling. If I am even half of the parent that my parents have been to me, I think my children will be just fine;
  2. my best friend, Catharine, telling me that she wasn't surprised I was in a magazine but that what always floors her is how I come about these things. Just reading a blog and I find mine. She calls it serendipity. I like that word; and
  3. my husband telling me that, just like Catharine, he wasn't surprised at all, that I had made the list because he knows that there isn't anything I can't do, if I put my mind to it.
All 3 things made me think about how lucky I am. To have people that believe in me in the way that they do. That is, by far, the best thing about all of this.

I am very lucky.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Could Just Eat You Up

Without a doubt, this is my favourite sewing project ever. Would you believe that this absolutely fun project was conceived by my sweet 7 year old without help from anyone?

While we still have a way to go - we have plans for the rest of the ghosts, those little dot thingys that Pac Man eats and all the rest of it, I think this is a fantastic start. I just love it. And E has sewn this all by himself. He has his own sewing machine (which works better than mine, some of the time). How cute is that? I could just eat him up, he is so adorable.

What I love most about this little sewing project is the enthusiasm and sheer confidence my wonderful little boy brings to it all. To sew without rules or worry about making this fit or that work, sewing just for the fun and joy of it, is something to be seen. And the absolute love for whatever you make, however it turns out. How wonderful is that?

What a good lesson for all of us quilters, don't you think? To sew because it makes you happy to do so. And not to worry so much if all the points line up or your seams are straight ...

Am 100% behind that kind of quilting, let me tell you.

L xo

PS - Remember that big news I hinted about awhile back, well, I have confirmation about it. While it is big news to me, I don't think there is any news that would take precedence over showing you E's Pac Man sewing. So I'll tell you about it tomorrow.


We are back from our quick trip to Scottsdale. A good time was had by all.

What I didn't have time to do before I left was tell you the story about that little poster. And this is a nice story.

A little while back on C Jane's site, she blogged about a little poster she has in her son's room.

The poster was made by Persimmon and Pink, a sweet little etsy seller that makes a few different posters.

Well, never one to pass up a cute poster (if I could only force myself to Ikea to buy frames), I bought two of their sweet posters. The one above (of course). And this one ...

They are just the sweetest . And I am all about counting your blessings (and a "Hello, Good Looking, every once in awhile doesn't hurt either). So they are good reminders too!

Here's the thing though. The week after I got my prints, I got a second set. Now, I thought that the second set might have been my mistake (I tend to do stuff like that) but when I checked etsy, it looked like the store sent them to me again, by mistake.

So I emailed them and told them I had received 2 sets and asked that they send me a bill so I could pay for the second set (I think they would make sweet little "thinking of you" gifts, don't you?).

And I got an email back saying it was their mistake and I was to keep them, free of charge. Which is just so kind. And such a nice thing to do. Because I would have gladly paid for them (everyone makes mistakes and this was a good mistake to make, in my books).

And so now the 2 extra posters are on their way to some quilting friends ...

Nice little story, don't you think?

L xo

PS - I met the nicest man EVER at Barney's in Scottsdale. His name is Jose and he works at the Cle de Peau counter. If you ever go by, stop in and say Leanne says hello. Nicest man. Really.

PPS - My most wonderfulest mom has my beautiful children for the next few days so I am going to work on getting some sewing done. Fingers crossed.

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