Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Monday


L xo

PS - Last 4 days of work. Yikes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

S on his 7th Birthday

Well, well, well .... Look who is 7! So hard to believe that my baby is that old.

Now this S man is one amazing kid. I am so glad that he came only 15 months after his brother - he made us a true family.

He came out singing and hasn't stopped.

I love this beautiful boy more than words could ever convey.

I am the luckiest girl in the world - if you could meet my family, you would know why.

L xo

Wednesday, July 21, 2010





So, awhile back, I did a Pin it Forward post.  My post followed that of an amazingly talented blogger named Emma Lamb.  Her blog is beautiful.  But if you read my post and clicked on her link, you wouldn't have seen her amazingly lovely blog.  

No, you would have seen an entirely different blog. 


And, until today, I had no idea I wasn't linking to the right site.  None.  Not at all.

My friend Melissa told me about it today.  

And, when I went back and saw the link that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN, I have to admit, I kinda laughed my butt off.  Because it was so so so not the right link.  AT ALL.

If you want to see the wrong link, just take a "L" out of Emma's blog address.  

L xo

PS - I am so always using the "test this link" button on Blogger now.  Really.

PPS - Dear Emma, I am so very sorry.  Yours truly, L 

Lemons. Lemonade.

Since the Quilt Town Massacre, all things quilty have been getting done around here.  You would think that the opposite would be true, but we like to do things different chez moi.  Lemons.  Lemonade (the drink of choice around these parts).

The "getting things done" part in is thanks, in no small part, to my amazing mum.  Let me tell you, that woman is beyond amazing. Like just about the best thing ever! When I cut my finger, my sweet husband called her right away and the next day, after a 3 hour drive, there was my mum at my doorstep.  And boy, did she help out.  If you get a package from me in the next little while, that beautiful handwriting on the package, that's her.  Actually, the fact that you are getting a package at all, that's her.

Would you like to see what I did?

I got lots of blocks done.  The one at the top is for Jessica and our Bee's Knees VQB.

These are for Sherri and our Modern Tradition Bee {please ignore the ugly ironing board background - if you want to make me a new cover, I won't say no}

June Mod Trad Block

June Mod Trad Block

I also redid the letter T for Shea since she didn't get my original T and K for our Modern Quilting Bee.  Check out the blocks that people in the group have done for me for June.  Beyond gorgeous.

These sweet little pincushions are for my partner in the Scrappy Pincushion Swap.

Pincushion Swap

The little hexies are for one of my blocks in the Bee's Knees VQB (August is my month and I know it is going to be amazing).

Garden Glam Hexies

The fabric for the hexies is Josephine Kimberling's Garden Glam.  Isn't it just lovely?

I have even more to show you but ... I'll save it for tomorrow.

L xo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Someone taught himself how to ride his bike!  How awesome is that?  We are so proud of our S man.

Pretty much nothing that kid can't do.  Love him and his brother to bits.

L xo

Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Mondays - Sarah Bareilles - Gravity

L xo

Friday, July 16, 2010

Franken-finger Friday

Shall we discuss the dangers of rotary cutters or do you think the pictures serve as enough of a warning?

L xo

PS - I now have to dress and clean my finger on my own every day.  There were tears.  More for feeling sorry for myself and not because it hurts all that much.  

PPS - If you could send my finger some positive energy to help the graft take, I would really appreciate it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Block that Took My Finger

At least it is a pretty good one, or at least I think so.  Finished up today (it came away unscathed in the Quilt Town Massacre, as we like to call Sunday night).  It is all Flutterby goodness - the instructions were a non-traditional block of our liking.  I know the pinwheel is traditional but I am hoping the wonkiness will be enough non-traditional for my fellow Bee-er, Viv.

Thanks so much for the sweet thoughts about the whole finger thing.  It doesn't even hurt!  Sleeping with my arm up isn't the most fun I have ever had, but, all in all, pretty good times.

L xo

Monday, July 12, 2010

What I Wanted to Blog About

yesterday was this ... our sweet E leaving for sleep away camp for an entire week!  We are so proud of his big self and even though his mama had big tears, she knows he is going to have the time of is life.

Why couldn't I post this yesterday?  Why is there no music today?  Because I cut off the top of my left index finger with a rotary cutter, that's why.  Yep.  No tip of finger left.  Morphine, an ambulance ride, nausea, skin graft, stitches ... the whole shebang!

No idea what it looks like because it is all wrapped up.  I'll see it on Thursday when I meet with the plastic surgeon.

Who knew quilting was an extreme sport?

L xo

Thursday, July 8, 2010

On A Roll ...

I finished my Pillow Talk Swap pillow just in the nick of time.  I am 2 for 2, in case you were counting. This is the only picture I have since the pillow is off to its new home.  This pillow is BIG - a whole 24".  I machine quilted the centre and the chandelier-ly things in the border.  I hand quilted the bird outline in the centre and did colonial knots (big thanks to Deirdre for teaching me) for some of the turquoise and pink dots.  The back is more of the Echino fabric.  I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is washed and crinkly (I made it super sturdy so that it could be washed easily because, in my house at least, a pillow this size will be sat on the floor in no time).  I really liked this project even though these are not my go to colours (I didn't even know what a "jewel tone" was, really.  Ask my friend, Greta.  I had to ask her to tell me what she thought they were.)

I think on a go forward basis, I am going to do less bees and more swaps - more of a pick and choose kind of thing.  Lisa at Vintage Modern Quilts wrote a good blog post about bees and the like.  

I think I will follow her lead.

L xo

PS - I went to my embroidery class yesterday.  Have lots of catch up but think I am really going to learn a lot.

PPS - One of my clients just wrote me a very nice email about my leaving work.  Was the first time since I gave notice that I [almost] cried.  I think I keep forgetting what a big change this is.  Not that I regret my decision for one second.  I can't tell you how excited and grateful I am to have the opportunity to spend more time with my wonderful children.  It is just a big change, is all.

PPPS - Melanie at Texas Freckles won this week's Spoonflower challenge with her cheater fabric.  It is gorgeous.  Greta and I are going to split a yard.  It will go towards our hexes obsession.  I'll post soon about that.  I even have a picture of when it all started for me.  

PPPS - Hello, my name is Leanne and I am addicted to making hexes.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Finished Something!

Mod Bento Boxes

I know, I know.  Hard to believe.  But true.  All my Mod Bento Boxes are done.  And on their way to Jessica.  Overnight courier, of course.  Because I can't keep a date straight to save my life right now.  But let's focus on the positive.  THEY ARE ALL DONE  !!!!

Mod Bento Boxes

My pincushion for the Pincushion Swap is done also.  Just had to go get crushed walnuts in the lizard department of Petland.  That was a bit of an adventure.  No idea what I am going to do with the remaining gazillion pounds of litter I have left.

Pincushion, anyone?

L xo

Monday, July 5, 2010

Music Mondays

I am sure that you thought that if I could forget something as important as my embroidery class, then, for sure, I would forget Music Monday. 

Not so. Here you go. (hey, that rhymes).


L xo

PS - Hannah Georgas is from Vancouver. We love Vancouver. Very much.

Are You Kidding Me?

Is it really July?  Can someone, please, tell me where June went?  

Life has been a blur.  Far too much craziness and it is beginning to wear on us all ...  

When you have 2 people having 2 surgeries (the S man and his dad), 2 people finishing school for the year (hooray, we are on our way to grade 2 and 3), 1 person finishing work for awhile (why doesn't that free up any time?), 1 family adding a dog to the mix (we love you, Chester), 1 person who can't say no and signs up for everything (so has no reason to complain), you land up with Crazy Town (population 4 and a dog).

But, things are looking up, my friends.  Blocks are getting done, pillows are sent.  I honestly think that by this time next week, I may be caught up (doesn't hurt that 1 of my bees postponed our blocks for a month and 1 hasn't even sent out July - thank goodness).

And, as of tomorrow, I am back at hot yoga (serenity, now).

L xo

PS - Can you believe I missed my first embroidery class 2 weeks ago? I can (see above re: Crazy Town).  Not this week, my friends, not this week.

PPS - E goes to sleepover camp on Sunday.  Can't believe it.  Stay tuned ...

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