Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Open Letter to J. Crew

Dearest J. Crew,

You know I love you. I have loved you for a long, long time. Like since Undergrad. And we know that was a long, long time ago. But, I have to be honest. Because true love needs to be honest, if nothing else.

So, in all honesty, I was really disappointed when I went into the J Crew store in Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale this weekend. Not because of the staff or anything. They were lovely. But because there was nothing to buy. Not much anyway. Which is so not how it happens when I go to J Crew. Ask Mastercard, they know. Now, I know you were probably trying to do me a favour with there still being a recession and all, but I would have liked to buy a little something. You know what I am saying?

Do you know how much this hurts me? Because you are unwilling to open stores in my lovely country, I can only visit you every once and awhile. And to have nothing to buy? Heartbreaking.

But because love forgives, I am going to give you one more chance when I am in New York at the end of April. You have to understand one thing though, Purl, as in one of the greatest knitting and fabric stores EVER, is having their moving party the same weekend I am there. And they are moving into a very big, shiny new store. With lots and lots of tempting yarn and fabric. Just sayin.

[map by Lena Cowin from Purl Bee blog]

Obviously, there will be stiff competition where my fun money goes.

Let's hope May is a better month for you. Again, just sayin.

L xo

PS - One word. Romper. Seriously?


wishes, true and kind said...

I'm betting your fun money goes to Purl -- at least I hope so. I want to see what you buy.

I am going on a fun little weekend trip later in April, too. I'm going to San Francisco to see the Amish Abstraction exhibition at the DeYoung. And I'll be staying just a few blocks from Britex Fabrics, which I think has 3-4 floors of fabric and notion goodness! I'd better slow down on the spending this month and save up!


RWL said...

I agree about Rompers. I work for another retail company and we have a few. Ugh.

See you at Purl (I'm counting down the days and saving my pennies!) :)

Leanne said...

Joan - I got a very sweet email from Purl today so my money is on Purl too!

Lara said...

OMG - do you live in AZ? I had such a blast at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. In my 4 nights of being in the States I spent 2 of them there! Shopping up a storm! I went with 5kg and came home with 22kg :)

Leanne said...

I wish I lived in AZ - especially today - we woke up to snow today. Not fun. My in-laws spend the winter there so we go to visit. That Fashion Square Mall is my achilles heel, I swear. We are going back in September so I probably should start saving now.

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