Friday, April 2, 2010

A Little Bit of Big News (for me) and a Big Thank You too

So, one night a little while ago, I was in bed watching tv and surfing the net. I like to go to PS I Quilt not only because I love Rachel's blog, but because she has a great blog list on her blog. Up until a week ago, I couldn't figure out Blogger/Google reader so I would go to Rachel's blog and click on her blog roll (is that a bad thing? Not sure). Anyhow, Rachel's blog roll has a lot of my favourite blogs and a few that I visit once and awhile.

Anyhow, I digress. There I was clicking away and reading blog posts when I clicked on Moda Lissa's blog. Now why I hadn't read her blog more is beyond me because that is one great blog. So I click on the blog, and start reading her post. And her post is about how she made the 55 Rad Blogs list in the April/May edition of Quilter's Home magazine. Which makes sense because she has one great blog (as I have already mentioned).

I keep reading and she goes on to tell about a few of the blogs listed, some of which she already knew about and some that were new to her. (Do you see where I am going with this?). And there I was. Which was so crazy. There I was. Unbelievable. For a million reasons. Me. Really?

But I wasn't really going to believe it until I saw for myself. Which I did today. Right after hot yoga, I went to the bookstore and picked up a copy of the magazine and, low and behold, there I was. Which made me kinda do that pee dance that preschoolers do when they really have to go. Because this is just really lovely. And I was a little excited. Just a little.

So a big thank you to Quilter's Home magazine (it is a great magazine, if you ask me). It made my month, that's for sure. And to all the other bloggers, I am beyond humbled because you are all so freakin' awesome. Really, really.

L xo

PS -The pee dance caught the attention of a wee little old lady who was reading knitting magazines beside me. Seeing me dance around, she directed me to the washroom at the back of the store. She was obviously hard of hearing because when I told her that I was just excited about being in a magazine and didn't need to use the washroom, she told me not to hold it in a minute longer or I would be wearing a diaper when I was her age. NO LIE!

PPS - Okay, you have to read the magazine. Because a magazine that has a margarita recipe is pretty much awesome. And even though I am not one to eat hardboiled eggs, the recipe for curried eggs is going to rock E's world. In a quilting mag, who would of thought? Awesome.

PPPS - The best 3 things to come out of being in the magazine:
  1. the email my parents wrote me after I told them about the article and they went to my blog and read my posts. It was some of the kindest words ever. Even at 39, making your parents proud is an awesome feeling. If I am even half of the parent that my parents have been to me, I think my children will be just fine;
  2. my best friend, Catharine, telling me that she wasn't surprised I was in a magazine but that what always floors her is how I come about these things. Just reading a blog and I find mine. She calls it serendipity. I like that word; and
  3. my husband telling me that, just like Catharine, he wasn't surprised at all, that I had made the list because he knows that there isn't anything I can't do, if I put my mind to it.
All 3 things made me think about how lucky I am. To have people that believe in me in the way that they do. That is, by far, the best thing about all of this.

I am very lucky.


Barb said...

Congratulations! What a honour...and completely deserved. You are definitely on my blog reader!

Leanne said...

Barb - thanks so much. I love your blog. And that Sparks quilt you are making is another must for me. (Love the Echino pig - I have some but haven't cut into it yet).

Lesly said...

Congratulations! I agree - completely deserved!

Leanne said...

Lesly - thanks so much, pretty kooky, if you ask me. Today is Lesly's March block day! Is going to be fun!

Lady Docker said...

I look forward to catching up with your blog Leanne, it brings sunshine to my day! Now we have a celeb in our quilting bee. What ever next?

Leanne said...

I don't know about the "celeb" part - but I am so happy you all like it!


It's not luck, my friend, it's sheer brilliance. Truth.

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