Friday, April 9, 2010


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I haven't told you about how I lost my mind recently and joined my fav local quilting and everything else wonderfully stitchy shop, Out of Hand, in starting an OMG quilt.

What is an OMG quilt? Well, let me tell you. It is a quilt of epic proportions for someone like me. The strips are 1". Yes, you read right. ONE INCH. And the quilt isn't a doll quilt. Nope. It is way bigger.

But I have to tell you, I am liking it. Crazy, isn't it. But then again, I doubt you come here looking for "sane", do you?

First of all, even though it is all 1" strips, I don't have to cut 1" strips because Deirdre got this Accucut thingy that does that. You turn a handle and presto, all cut.

Second, sometimes it is just nice to sew. I can just sit and sew strips and strips and strips. It is strangely meditative. The OMG quilt will require miles and miles of strips to be sewn. Who knows, by the end I could be so zen-like, you won't recognize me.

I think that all and all, as daunting as the quilt might have seemed at first, it is a really great project. And if I am lucky, it will be done by the time I am in the Old Folks Home (I hoping that isn't for another solid 45 years).

L xo

PS - To offset the teensy-ness of this quilt, I am making a quilt out of Amy Butler's Love collection that has huge, huge pinwheels. Hopefully, I'll have pictures for you by the end of the weekend.

PPS - Do you like the OMG embroidery? I might need to do that.


Julie Baird said...

Hi Leanne...

Congrats on starting the OMG! It is a fabulously fun quilt to make. And you're right...totally zen-like in the making. Once you get your system down there's, like, not even any thinking.

When I was working on mine, the thing I found most helpful (though I originally thought it was a piece of crap) was the June Taylor strip cutter. I didn't use it to cut strips, but I used it to cut strata into sections for the nine patches and four patches. A whole lot easier on the wrist.

Now when you finish this one....hmmmmm...there's always the Birthday Quilt...the strips will already be cut...

Congrats! and Good Luck!

Julie Baird

Lady Docker said...

Now I know you're insane. Good luck with this and everything else you do.

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