Thursday, April 1, 2010


We are back from our quick trip to Scottsdale. A good time was had by all.

What I didn't have time to do before I left was tell you the story about that little poster. And this is a nice story.

A little while back on C Jane's site, she blogged about a little poster she has in her son's room.

The poster was made by Persimmon and Pink, a sweet little etsy seller that makes a few different posters.

Well, never one to pass up a cute poster (if I could only force myself to Ikea to buy frames), I bought two of their sweet posters. The one above (of course). And this one ...

They are just the sweetest . And I am all about counting your blessings (and a "Hello, Good Looking, every once in awhile doesn't hurt either). So they are good reminders too!

Here's the thing though. The week after I got my prints, I got a second set. Now, I thought that the second set might have been my mistake (I tend to do stuff like that) but when I checked etsy, it looked like the store sent them to me again, by mistake.

So I emailed them and told them I had received 2 sets and asked that they send me a bill so I could pay for the second set (I think they would make sweet little "thinking of you" gifts, don't you?).

And I got an email back saying it was their mistake and I was to keep them, free of charge. Which is just so kind. And such a nice thing to do. Because I would have gladly paid for them (everyone makes mistakes and this was a good mistake to make, in my books).

And so now the 2 extra posters are on their way to some quilting friends ...

Nice little story, don't you think?

L xo

PS - I met the nicest man EVER at Barney's in Scottsdale. His name is Jose and he works at the Cle de Peau counter. If you ever go by, stop in and say Leanne says hello. Nicest man. Really.

PPS - My most wonderfulest mom has my beautiful children for the next few days so I am going to work on getting some sewing done. Fingers crossed.


susan said...

Thank you for sharing about my prints!


Ashley said...

Love those! I think I must buy that top one for our entrance. I imagine it would be nice to be greeted by that poster each time I come home! :)

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