Monday, February 1, 2010


Today is the first day of my favourite month. And it isn't just because my birthday is just around the corner. Or Valentine's Day, either. I just love the Love Month. And the colours are my favourite too - pink, white and red.

So get ready for the mushy stuff. A whole blogging month of hugs and kisses (not literally, of course ... there is only 3 boys in my life for that kind of business), heart shaped chocolates and roses.

Happy 1st day of Love Month.

L xo


Greta said...

Be sure and hang onto all of those 1/2 square triangles. They might come in handy for something I will more than likely be sending your way soon. Check out my blog if you want a sneak peak. Oh the possiblities now just to choose which bee buddies are going to make which blocks :)

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