Sunday, January 31, 2010


Since we had our first swimming lessons of the winter, it is inevitable that one of my two lovely children is sick (swimming pools being the origin of all disease, as far as I am concerned). On a "lots to get done" weekend, of course. But that's the way it goes, don't you think.

And who needs sleep anyhow.

In the interest of saving time, I thought a list of things done would be a quick way to update.

Here we go.

  1. Forgot tote bag on CTrain. Contained 1 set of quilting bee blocks for one swap and 102 siggy blocks for siggy block swap.
  2. Redid both lost sets. Problems with trying to redo Bee blocks because I didn't have any more of the fabric but think problem is solved-ish.
  3. Thanks to redo of siggy blocks, I now have a gazillion 2.5" triangle square block thingys (see above for photographic evidence of thingys). I will put them to good use somehow.
  4. Finished Melissa's practice block for Modern Tradition Bee. Loved the challenge. Am going to make my practice blocks into pillows - upcycle or whatever they call it these days.
  5. Finished Heidi's churn dash practice Bee block (another pillow).
  6. Spent far too much money in Out of Hand on Friday (my local quilt shop). Think I am "this close" to getting Deirdre to start a modern quilt group and/or beginner quilting with modern fabric class.
  7. Think I am going to become a yoga instructor. Next Fall.
  8. How random was #7? Probably as random as me thinking about becoming a yoga instructor.
  9. Last but not least ... Sent a whole bunch of hip Olympic wear to the Nielsen Family. And to C Jane. Have never met these people but read their blogs and just got it in my head that I should send something along. Let's hope they don't think I am some stalkerific nut bar or something.
Okay, now to finish those blocks for reals.

Talk soon.

L xo

PS - My best friend/sister's brother is going through a hard time right now. He is very ill. If you could just send a thought of wellness out into the universe, it would be more than appreciated. xo

PPS - I came up with the best idea EVER for my Beatnik Bee. Like EVER. Just wait. You'll see.


Greta said...

Check out the block I am having my group at Bee Stitched make for me this month. You already have a zillion HST in the exact right size :)

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