Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I know I promised some Kei dot 9 patches today but I am still so sick that I don't have the energy to go downstairs let alone go downstairs and sew. So instead, I bring you a story about the Siggy Swap.

I loved making these blocks. Especially because I have these little triangles as scraps and I have plans for them. Yes, I have plans. I also had plans to send off my blocks right after they were done. But then kids got sick, I got sick, etc. etc. etc. But I had the envelope and the little card ready to go ...

Now, last time I counted my blocks, I had 83. So I made more. So I had 83 signed and 19 unsigned on the corner of my bedside table (I signed them while watching tv with my husband, you know, quality time).

Today, no matter what, I was going to send the blocks. All 102 of them. That didn't happen. What happened was that I stood up, thought going anywhere was a bad idea, and promptly cancelled all plans to step outside my house.

So, I decided to count my blocks.

In an Advil Cold and Sinus haze, I counted my blocks. Twice. And there are 83. Where are the other 19? Good question.

After some searching, I found 3 tucked into some magazines underneath my bedside table.

But that's it.

Now this long winded intro brings me to the point of the blog post, the strange and arbitrary ways of my cleaning lady. Don't get me wrong, I am quite aware that I am lucky to have a cleaning lady. No argument about that. But I just can't figure her out. Which causes numerous problems when trying to find things she has "put away". Oh, and I know she has "put away" the 16 blocks.

Where the heck are my other 16 blocks? Really. Why would 3 be in a magazine and 16 nowhere to be found? I don't get it.

Usually, I can figure it out by chanting "If I were quilting blocks, library books, note for school, ugg boots, etc., where would I be" (random, I know) but this one has me stumped.

Now it could be Advil Cold and Sinus that is dulling my ability to find the blocks but I just have no idea. Will look again once I can put my head down without horrible dull sinus pain.

L xo

PS - It could be that the Advil Cold and Sinus has me believing that this a blog worthy post.

PPPS - Last week I received material for some quilt blocks and with the material were two newspaper triangles that were part of the pattern for the blocks. I left the material and the newspaper in a little pile on our breakfast bar. Return home after the cleaning lady has been for a visit, and fabric still there, newspaper no where to be found (in garbage, I am assuming). Again, no idea why. It didn't look like garbage. It was with fabric in a baggy. Like all together and stuff. Random.

PPPS - One time, at band camp ... Just joking. Oh, how I love Advil Cold and Sinus ...


kwiltmakr said...

That is a cute post guess the cleaning lady is an over achiever. Hope you feel better soon.

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