Friday, February 26, 2010

Baby Love or a Short Story Long

Oh Fransson 9 Patch
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So last week, we went skiing on Sunday. I only tell you this because I thought skiing lessons started this Sunday not last. I did not plan to be skiing on Sunday. I planned to finish this quilt on Sunday. Because the teacher it is for, left on maternity leave TODAY.

Last Sunday, this was still only blocks. Blocks that needed work because my type A personality didn't like that, somehow, in my effort to be all random with the colours, I had made the majority of the centres of the blocks with grey Kei fabric.

I took apart a lot of blocks. Then I sewed them back together. Sewed those into strips with the white and then sewed the whole darn things together.

And then I had to make a quilt sandwich and quilt it. And instead, on Wednesday night, I fell asleep with my youngest. From 9 to 11. At 11 pm, I got up and started all that business. Thank goodness for a little 505 spray - no time for pins at MIDNIGHT!!!!

What did I have time for at midnight - quilting the whole thing. As in "my first time ever quilting anything" quilting the whole thing. Again, I remind you I started at midnight. But I did it - and I loved it (I did not love the air disappearing pen though - eventually went with Crayola washable - desperate times).

At 2 am, I finally went to bed.

Then came Thursday. The day before our Grade 1 teacher left on maternity leave. And I had to bind this lovely quilt. I have never done that before either. But before that, I had to work all day.

I was getting tired before I even started.

BUT, I had help. You see, I went to my fav quilting store to by a big yellow ribbon to wrap the quilt up with. And my fav quilt store owner said if i came back with the quilt she would show me some tricks of the trade and how to sew the binding.

Never one to stare a gift horse in the face, I ran home, picked out of the binding, sewed it together, ironed it, sewed it to the quilt and was back at that store in an hour and a half.

The only thing quicker than me was my fav owner who helped me sew the binding. By the time I left, I was half way done. It was 9:15 pm and I naively thought I'd be in bed before midnight.

Not the case.

Sewing the rest of the binding by myself took until 1 am.

But it got done.

And I did it. All-ish. Start to finish.

The only thing I didn't do - take a good picture of my sweet quilt.

In all the rushing to get to school and deliver the gift I couldn't find my camera. Which meant Blackberry photos. And it was the morning, so not great light.

But believe me, this quilt is lovely. I love it. I was so happy to see the look on the teacher's face. She is a lovely lovely Grade 1 teacher and has taught my boys back to back and is deserving of so much more than just a baby quilt.

So happy with this quilt. Really.

L xo

PS - I did the back in Valori Wells Flannel. It is such beautiful fabric. I am going to make myself a pair of pjs out of it.

PPS - The pattern I used is the 9 Patch Lattice by Elizabeth at Oh Fransson. It such a good pattern - easy to follow and the end result is just so sweet. I have had Elizabeth's Mixed Tape pattern for awhile and think it may be my next quilt.

PPPS - I am going to make this quilt in the exact same way again. And then I am going to take great pictures. The quilt deserves at least that much.


Lesly said...

You are hard core! A great little quilt and I love the flannel on the back.

kwiltmakr said...

I am glad you got it done. The back is super. I would love jammies made out of that too. Tose owls are so cute.

Lady Docker said...

That is lovely and well done you for getting it all done in time

Angie and Michelle said...

Love this pattern and love the polka dot fabric! Super cute! -Michelle

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Great quilt!

I would have answered you directly but it wouldn't let me. For my 1974 pinwheel quilt I used 8"squares to make my pinwheels.

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