Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Start Spreading the News

So I have had a secret for a little while.  And given that I have been erratic with my blogging (to say the least), it wasn't so hard to keep a secret.  But, as of June 1st, we were given the go ahead to let the world know about this AMAZING book and our blocks in it.  So, you see that book cover there ... I am in that book.  For reals.

I am so over the moon excited about this, I cannot tell you.

You see, most days I feel like I am the beginner's beginner with this sewing and quilting stuff.  I don't often get discouraged and pretty much always love learning new things but everything is new to me.  And I have to learn things over and over again.  I am not a "get it the first time round" kinda gal.  I have to say I am beyond lucky that I have friends who are willing to teach me over and over again (Hello, Deirdre!).

But even though I am the beginner's beginner, I am in BOOK!  That is such awesomeness.  And my block is a favourite of mine.  I mean I love it.  Not as much as my kids, husband or dog, but pretty close.

And even if I wasn't in Modern Quilt Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks From Your Favourite Designers, I would buy this book.  99 different blocks!  All amazing!  Stash Publishing will have it available in October but I think I am getting an advance copy in August.  If I do, I will share.  Promise.

I am not sure if I can share my block but I'll give you a hint ... if you like working with all the different fabrics out there, you will like making this block.  Yes, you will.

L xo

PS - Others in the book, to name a few, are ... Fresh Lemons Faith, Thornberry, The Long Thread and Patchwork Duck Designs


RWL said...

wooooohoooo! mazel tov! :)

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