Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Reason for the Lack of Posting

Another quilt done.  Except that this one was done a long, long time ago.  I did have plans for another quilt to make and give but that one did not come together very well.  At all.  We probably shouldn't talk about that one.  Maybe some of those blocks will become pillows one day.  Or not.

And this one just needed a binding.  

And we needed another quilt because we just had to give one to E's grade 3 teacher.  Because she is getting married in a month and is just the most amazing teacher ever. 

So we decided this was the way to go.  And I am so glad.  I love this quilt. 

Binding was pretty easy.  I think I am getting better at it.

We had a surprise shower for E's sweet teacher (which is another reason for the lack of blogging - so many parties to plan, end of year and all).  

I think the quilt was well received, don't you?

L xo


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