Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get Along

How about a list of the "alongs" that I have my eye on?

{photo courtesy of Lee at Freshly Pieced}

I started this one right when it started but I didn't get passed sewing part of 1 block.  Not because I didn't like the block or I wanted to give up, but because I had the two school quilts to do.  Those 2 quilts kinda threw a wrench into everything.  I'll get back to this eventually.

I think that this is going to be a great quilt along.  I have never done a quilt like this so am looking forward to the challenge.  And there will be templates!  So no need to buy a new ruler.  No idea what fabric to use but I am thinking solids (which I have never used before).

This might be a good one to use solids with, don't you think?  I have been wanting to make a zig zag quilt for a long time - probably since I started quilting.  And wouldn't this quilt match so nicely with my rainbow pillows that I can't seem to stop making.  My only worry is half square triangles - I think this one has them.  Not so good at those.

I would love to do a value quilt.  And Jenn at In Color Order is amazing at explaining all about how you go about choosing fabrics and colors.  Again, there is the whole half square triangle thing but it may just be worth it for a beautiful quilt like the ones Jenn has done.  

{photo courtesy of Lily's Quilts}

This quilt along finished up a little while ago but it is a type of quilt I would love to try.  And the instructions on the Lily's Quilts blog are really good.  And I have a whole fat quarter set of the Sherbet Pips ...

{photo courtesy of Bad Skirt Amy}

This is a flickr quilt along based on Bad Skirt Amy's tutorial based on a Setsuko Inagawa quilt.  

I am in love with the this quilt
{photo courtesy of Where the Orchids Grow}

so I may have to give it a go.

{Photo courtesy of PS I Quilt}

Let's talk about Rachel and her quilt alongs.  I missed the Postage Stamp along but used her tutorials and made an awesome quilt for E's principal.  Rachel is super good with instructions.  I am all over this because I know I can get it done and I have some Hullabaloo from Urban Chiks that needs to become this quilt.

Farmer's Wife Along

{photo courtesy of Fussy Cut blog}

Well if this hasn't caught on like wild fire, I don't know what has.  I have had this book for a long time.  Amanda and Angela started this up and it seems like everyone and their dog is doing it.  I am all in.  I saw pictures of Camilla Roskelley's blocks in her Bliss and Ruby lines ... gorgeous.  No idea what fabric to use.  Scrappy like the ones on the Twin Fibers Blog?  Dark with Liberty prints like the ones on I'm a Ginger Monkey?  Just using a few colours like A Life in Lists?  (the Life in Lists one is my favourite after Camilla's ... but Ruby doesn't come out until the fall and you can't find any Bliss to save your life ...)

I am going to be behind before I even start because of all the goings on over the next week.  But I am going to catch up and stay caught up (which is in no small part thanks to my friend Deirdre who got me started with the templates ... I am following her lead and doing this by paper piecing) by the end of June.

L xo

PS - "Get along" is a phrase used once and awhile in this house.  Some weeks are better than others.  Having children 15 months apart means that the boys do not know of an existence without each other.  This is more of a blessing than a curse but still has its challenges.  I wonder though, why we think siblings should always "get along".  I don't get along with everyone all the time (understatement).  I mean, I am not advocating all out brawling or anything, but the expectation that the boys will always get along is crazy.  I mean they drive me crazy and I love them to bits so how can I expect them to always be friends?  Maybe they have each other to learn how to get along with others - like having an almost twin sibling is practice or something for the big wide world out there.  Just thinking out loud here. 

I'll get back to you if I come up with anything good.

PPS - Are you still here?  This is the longest post EVER.


Greta said...

Whew I was afraid you were going to bring up some I hadn't seen yet and I was going to have to be really mad. But thankfully I knew about all of these and then a few so I'm content for the time being.

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