Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One of the Reasons for my Lack of Posting

I have been busy.  Quilting.  Among a million other things.

You see, I had this plan to make my sweet E's Grade 3 teacher a quilt for an end of year/getting married present.  I had the planning done, the timing all in order.  Things were going to be great.

And then we got an announcement.  The boys most amazing principal was retiring at the end of the year.  Now let me tell you, Mrs. Kenny is amazing.  She is a kind and compassionate leader who isn't afraid to set the children on the right path, even if that means a little tough love every once and awhile.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate her and how much my boys have benefitted from having her in their lives.

So what could I do but make her a quilt too.  Two quilts, one month, no problem.  But just to make things interesting, I decided that the quilt had to be from everyone.  And that meant getting all 130 students and staff to sign the back of the quilt.  On the sly, mind you.  And then have enough time to get it to the quilter's.

And we did it.  And this Monday, we had a surprise assembly for Mrs. Kenny and my sweet boys presented her with the quilt on behalf of everyone.  I choked up.  It was so touching to see E, who wouldn't even approach a stage when he was little, speak in front of everyone to let Mrs. Kenny know about the quilt and how we made it because we love her so.

The quilt is the Postage Stamp Quilt from Rachel at PS I Quilt.  I mean I couldn't have whipped this one up without her amazing instructions for the quilt-along.  I pretty much love the pattern and have plans to make more of these quilts (let's be honest, they look like they are a lot more work than they are - not that they aren't work, but you know what I mean).

The back was some older Cosmo Cricket that looks like an exercise book.  Not sure what line it is from but it was perfect and fit our theme perfectly.  The signatures (which you can barely see) are so sweet, it is really just something else.

So, there you go.  One of the gazillion reasons why it was so hard to get to the computer for the last 5 weeks.

L xo


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