Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Charmed, I'm Sure ...

So my friend Greta talked me into doing hexagons.  I just learned to sew with a sewing machine last June and have never done any hand sewing so the thought of hexagons is a little daunting.  But, never one to say "no", here I am starting hexagons and attempting this little hexagon along with Texas Freckles (except there has been no alonging yet - this may be something that gets done to and from the drive to the cabin).

In order to have enough fabric to make all these little hexagons (I am doing the 1.5" ones), I have cut up a 4 charm packs and am going to do some swapping with Greta, Greta's mom, and my friend Ruth.  I have cut up a Flutterby pack, a Hushabye pack, a Nicey Jane pack and a Summer in the City pack.  Pretty good, I think.  I know the other girls are cutting up some beautiful fabric too so I am really looking forward to it.

I am also doing a little Porkchop Swap (I have no idea what that means) with some girls over that the ORBQ.  Haven't done anything with this group before so not sure what I'll be getting (we are cutting up 25 5x5 squares and sending them on to 7 other people).  Once I get my fabrics, if there are some that aren't my thing, I plan on putting a package of them all up for grabs.  I am sure that someone will want them. 

All in all, lots of fabric coming my way soon.  Got to love that, right?

L xo

PS - I sent out my May block fabric, my June block fabric and I know EXACTLY what I am doing for my July blocks.  Just need to finish everyone else's blocks.  If it is one of yours, sorry.  I promise it will be done shortly.

PPS - To my darling children - I realize the end of school is right around the corner and that you are oh so very tired of EVERYTHING but, guess what?  So are Dad and I.  So let's cut each other a lot of slack.  Before I send you to school with a for sale sign around your neck.  Love you always, Mom. xo

PPPS - You should see the blocks people are making for my Beatnik Bee month.  OHMYGOSH. 


Lady Docker said...

I'm doing the hexagon qulit along too and I have just made my forst 28 hexagons all thanks to Greta. It's a great project for taking out and about and I had fun doing mine in the garden this afternoon whilst looking after my grandson whilst he was having a nap. Beware it is very addictive!!! If you have any swaps please count me in. I am starting with my Moda Bakeshop Sampler which gives me 480 different fabrics. Just love this. :)

Valentina said...

Hi Leeanne, love your music by the way! :)
I have joined you guys in making a Hexies charm quilt and I am soooo very excited about it, :)
Looking forward to getting to know you as we share this colourful journey together
Valentina in Cyprus

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