Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yesterday I went to Kindergarten

Adult art kindergarten, that is. And it was amazing. My children have been taking art classes from the most wonderful Miss Catherine at Art in the Box, for years now. It is really, really hard to get into Miss Catherine's classes because she is so amazing and the classes are so amazing and once you go into her studio you pretty much fall in love right then and there. There is no breaking up with Miss Catherine's art classes. It is a forever sort of thing.

So, I lucked out. And got into one of her adult classes. I missed the first one because I was in NYC (good excuse, I think). Yesterday was my first class and we did circles. Kandinsky-like circles. And worked on mixing colours - just the primary ones, to see what we could come up with. I loved making colours. Even the colours that wouldn't be my favourite anywhere else, were pretty amazing ... because I made them. It was wonderful.

I am not done with my painting though but I'll show you when I am done.

L xo

PS - This art class is pretty intimidating for me. I can sew and I can knit but you can learn those things. Making art is different, in my mind. It can't be "learned" per se. What an amazing challenge I have set for my type A personality. I am looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

PPS - Miss Catherine also teaches art at my children's school. They did Kandinsky circles last year and E has a collection of them that we have hung on a wall at the cabin. E's collection comes from his birthday party last year - all his friends made him one. I love them all and having them on the wall at our cabin is a gift. They infuse the room with a joy that only children's art can. We are all better for it.

PPPS - My children make the best cheerleaders. They had their art class after mine and saw my painting. They were so genuinely encouraging and so full of praise. It was heart melting. And made me feel so good as a mama - that I am hearing them use the same words we so purposely say to them. They hear us and they know. Amazing!


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