Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Does Tunes for Tuesday Sound?

Well, all my great plans for sewing were put aside for 3 days of gardening.  I am so behind on so many things that it isn't even remotely funny anymore.  And as much as I would hate to do it, I think I have to drop out of a bee or two.  With everything that is going on, I am not getting to my Bee blocks, let alone the things I really want to sew.  And this is suppose to be fun for me, right?  And it isn't fair to others to continually have to wait while I get my act together. 

Time management, which used to be pretty easy for me, is no longer a strong suit.  It is pretty much non-existent right now, actually.  Which isn't a bad thing, per se.  Just a little rushing here and there.  And an inability to complete any given task.  (Okay, it sounds worse than it is).  But at least time is spent having fun outside with happy boys (and their million friends in our backyard), happy husband, and happy puppy.  And some new friends that we love, love, love (campfires with friends are the best thing ever - marshmallows and Bulmer's Cider go quite well together, just so you know).

Anyhow, yesterday was a holiday here in Canada so I didn't get around to posting (see above re: garden) for Music Monday. 

Hopefully this song is worth the wait.  I love this song.  Hope you do too.

L xo

PS - I have quilt posts coming.  Stay tuned.


Lady Docker said...

Oh Leanne please don't drop out of your quilting bees. I'm sure people don't mind waiting for their blocks whilst you catch up. Summer is for fun outside with a little bit of sewing now and then, i.e. your blocks for that month, and any projects that you can do sat in the sun. I've just joined the mini hexagon quilt along with Melanie at Texas Freckles after seeing Greta's post, I think you may be doing this as well, sheer madness but what a great idea. This is going to be my summer project and I have a start with 480 squares from my Moda Bakeshop Sampler box. See my blog (http::/www.ladydocker.blogspot.com)for some yummy photos.

Lady Docker said...

Leanne there is no www in my blog address sorry.

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