Friday, May 21, 2010

For You Friday

Well, the posting hasn't been all that this week, has it? What with a new dog, a garden that needs some sprucing up, a job, and two children pretty much done with school even though we have 18 school days left, there hasn't been much sewing happening. But, there has been a little reading about sewing and knitting - right before bed with a 3 pound ball of loveliness beside me (that's Chester, in case you didn't know).  Pretty good way to end these busy days, I think.

So this Friday, thanks to my late night reading, I am sharing some crafty book goodness.  NOW, before you think I broke with the book plan, let me tell you that these were pre-orders (thank goodness for pre-orders or else my withdrawal would be even worse).  No new books, fiction or non-fiction were purchase by me for me this week.

Anyhow, here are my new favourite crafty books (in no particular order)  ...

Oh my gosh, it does not get cuter than this book.  The little birds are beyond sweet. There are patterns for mini quilts and embroidery and a whole bunch of other birdy goodness too!  Love it.

I bought this book on a whim and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised.  And unlike most craft books I buy, I think I could make practically everything in this book (I am an overachiever, in case that hasn't been made clear yet).  There are 35 projects, just so you know.  This book is full of great ways to use up all those fabric scraps.

I am back at loving knitting right now.  It is easier to watch tv with my husband when we are both in the same room and I am not in front of a sewing machine.  (TV season is almost over though ... more sewing, perhaps? Probably not as the weather is too good to be inside).  This book is full of lovely "take with you" projects.  Since it is very difficult to take a sewing machine wherever I go, taking knitting fulfills my incessant need to always have something crafty in my hands.

So there you go.  Some crafty goodness for your Friday.

L xo

PS - Little Birds book is published by Stash Publishing.

PPS - Sewing Bits and Pieces  is published by Wiley

PPPS - Kntting 24/7 is published by Melanie Falick Books.


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