Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh Yes I Am


going to make curtains for my dining room out of the fabric with the huge print in the middle of the picture.  

I wasn't sold on AMH's last collection but I have seen some very nice quilts made with Innocent Crush lately and I am using a lot of IC in my Supernova quilt so I'd say that I am warming to it.

This new collection looks like it takes a little from the IC line but that print in the middle is amazing.  And has exactly what I want for my dining room. 

Because I have nothing to do and more than enough time to get everything done, we have decided to renovate the house.  Just paint and flooring.  Just.  

Knowing that I will have bright curtains eventually may help me through the renovation craziness (it hasn't even started and already it is nutso).

Did I tell you that I get to meet AMH when I am at the Heather Ross workshop in New York in October?  And Denyse Schmidt.  You read that right.

The reno will be over by then, I will have hopefully survived my first summer as a WAHM and the kids will be back at school.

I am thinking that I will more than deserve the time away,  if I do say so myself.

L xo


kwiltmakr said...

How exciting, meeting Anna Maria Horner and Denyse Schmidt. I like Anna's blog, she seems so sweet and she if funny. I would love to meet her myself. Good luck with the renovations.

Greta said...

I can't believe you are going to meet AMH! Would I sound like a total nut if I begged you to get her autograph for me? Too stalkerish? I think not. And just so you know I loved innocent crush but I love this one even more. Did you notice that orange and gray print up there? I'm pretty sure she made that one just for me.

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