Monday, April 4, 2011

Music Monday - Mindy Gledhill

I am not going to lie.  Sunday morning was not fun.  I had this whole work issue completely blow up.  I am exhausted.  I was going to put some dreary music here for Music Monday in honour of my terribly foul mood but what good would that do?

Instead, let's start Monday off on the right foot.  Only a week of Spring Break left.  All is good.  No one is dying.  Work is just work.  All will be well.  Just breathe.  

(Can you tell I am talking to myself as I write this - blogging as therapy, who knew?)

Let's talk soon.

L xo

PS - Let's not talk about how the boys and their friends got to one of the sewing machines and now it only sews backwards.

PPS - My dad rocks.  He could talk me through anything.  I have the most amazing family ever.  

PPPS - Going to sew my first Supernova block together.  On the sewing machine that sews forward.  Wish me luck.

PPPPS - And how about all that nonsense going around on the quilting blogs about what quilting is.  Half square triangles, modern quilts not hard enough, need more tradition ... while I probably could add a ton of my opinion to the whole debate, I think we should all just sew.  Sew what we want and for whatever reasons we want, and not worry about the rest of it.  Just my two cents.


Greta said...

Do you know where your reverse is? On my machine it is a button that you hold in to sew backstitches. But it has gotten stuck before. Check that out maybe they just pushed it really hard or it's stuck. Good luck with that :)

RWL said...

um, you rock.

1. welcome back (i always loved your music mondays. so glad they're here to stay)

2. sewing is sewing. quilting is quilting. 'nuff said. *clink wine glasses*

3. boys can be dumb. i only live with one and he's 29 and a lawyer (as you know) so he can act smart but deep down can be just as dumb as the rest of them. example: he tried the dog treats JUST BECAUSE. yes, my ivy-league educated boyfriend wanted to see if the bacon-cheese biscuits taste like bacon-cheese (result: they do not).


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