Wednesday, April 6, 2011



You haven't seen Chester in awhile and since I am visiting my mum with the boys and only brought miles of binding to sew, I have no really quilty pics to show you.  

Instead, you get Chester.

Chester has been with us for almost a year.  He pretty much rocks our world.  How could he not?  Take a look at that dog.  Awesomeness.

My friend Ruth started a flickr group about Pets and Quilts.  As soon as I actually get a quilt finished, Chester will model it for you so I can add a picture to the group.

L xo

PS - Staying with my parents affords me computer time.  A good and bad thing.  A good thing because I get to get caught up on all things quilting related.  A bad thing because my "want to do that too" list grows ever larger.

PPS - As of today, the "want to do that too" list includes:
  1. The Urban Lattice Quilt Along.  Long since finished but after seeing Lee's quilt, it is a must do too.  As an aside, in re-organizing my sewing room, I realized that I have a bazillion yards of Far Far Away II so I am just going to copy Lee and make the same quilt.  Why mess with a good thing, especially when you have a copious amount of the same fabric.
  2. Have a quilt quilted like One Shabby Chick's.  Have quilted not quilt it myself.  Let's be reasonable here.
  3. Make a quilt like Jolene did - I pretty much love everything she does so I could put all of her quilts on this list but let's just add 1 for now.


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