Friday, April 1, 2011

All Cut Up

This Supernova Quilt Along has a lot of cutting going on.  And because I am a little late to the party, I seem to be doing nothing but cutting fabric in hopes of catching up.

I have started cutting this stack up into the pieces I need to sew.  Instructions for sewing the blocks are already up so I have to get at it, don't you think?

I think all the cutting is going to be worth it though.  From what I have seen already, this Supernova quilt pattern rocks.

L xo

PS - Through all this cutting, it has come to light that my cutting skills are sorely lacking.  I mean crooked.  Not sure what I am doing wrong but I can tell you what isn't right.

PPS - I don't know how many fabrics I have going on with this project but I can tell you that I am not looking forward to refolding and putting away all the fabric I pulled to put this together.  How do people keep their sewing rooms so clean and organized?  It seems that the minute I get everything back where it belongs, I am back at it making a big mess.  I think that is the only not fun thing about quilting.  (Cleaning is the not fun about everything, pretty much).


Amy said...

I hear ya, I get stuffed folded and put away,another project wants to be made.

Greta said...

My sewing room is always a mess. I ordered the rest of my fabrics for this yesterday so hopefully I can get started on it next week. Late to the party is par for the course at this point even though I've been eyeballing it since it was announced.

Sharon said...

I agree, I have piles of fabric that need to be put away and piles of scraps that make me feel guilty for not doing something with them!!! Can't wait to see your quilt!

Lee said...
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Lee said...

How do we keep our sewing rooms neat and organized. Ha ha ha. I don't. : ) I wish you could see my sewing room right now!

Your Supernova is going to be gorgeous with that fabric. Good job on the cutting!

kwiltmakr said...

Your right, the cleaning isn't fun but the quilting makes it worth it. Maybe some grips on your ruler, maybe it is slipping or your cutting too fast. I have a tendency to steer to the right of my ruler with my cutter so I have to go slow.

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