Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So Much to Tell You

So here's the problem. I have too much to tell you.  Not all of it quilting.  But lots to tell. And I try to keep my posts to one or two things.  I can get overwhelming.  Shocking, but true.

Today's two things aren't really mine at all.  But they must be shared.  First up,  S's "in progress" quilt block.  We are just putting this thing together as we go.  I must say, I am loving it.   We have plans to make a few big, big blocks and sew them together and call it a quilt.  I bet this becomes my favourite of all time.

I also love the fabric scrap "wish" bracelet thingy.  This little scrap was just begging to be wrapped around a wrist.  We put it on, S made a wish and we are sure it will come true when the fabric finally falls off.  I am betting it will be late July before that little scrap gets tired of hanging around S's wrist.

Second up, E's art piece.  It is Spring Break here and we have 2 weeks of togetherness.  We made a wish list last week and at the top of my list was to do a big canvas painting.  I am not the world's best artist, by any means, but I thought painting something big would be fun.  E and S picked up canvases too and E got right at it when we got home.  From what he tells me, there are many layers to go and this is only the beginning of the painting.  I love it so much now and am sure I will love it even more when it is done.

It is so hard to keep it to two things today.

L xo

PS - I got an Iphone.  I used to have a Blackberry.  Big learning curve.  Seeing as I taught myself to sew 2 short years ago, I am thinking I'll get this Iphone thing done too.

PPS - I am thinking of doing the Supernova quilt-along.  Awesomeness.


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