Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Monday - Telephone

I lost my Blackberry.  In the snow.  While skiing.  Saturday.  I hadn't backed it up maybe ever.  It had pictures of the boys that I loved and now they are gone.  And some of Chester.  There has been some (okay, maybe a lot) of crying.  Not for the phone but for the photos.  Phone, smone.  Losing the photos is kinda breaking my heart right now.

Seeing as it is Music Monday, I had no choice but to put Telephone by Lady Gaga on.  But I couldn't actually put Lady Gaga's video on my blog.  Too racy!  So we get Glee.

L xo

PS - So much quilt binding on Sunday (official day of mourning for lost blackberry).  Will have lots to show soon.  Or tomorrow.

PPS - Is it okay to tell you all that I just loved my blog comments last week.  Thanks so so much.


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