Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's See What I Have Been Up To ..


There has been a little sewing over the last couple of weeks.  I am mainly sewing up the Bee blocks that were completed for me for a few of my bees.  I was a couple of blocks short on most of my Bee blocks, but, given that I, too, was a non-completer, I have just made due with what I have and am just grateful for all the hard work and effort that my fellow bee-rs put into my blocks (wow, if that isn't a run on sentence, what is?).

The photo above is actually the boarder around one of my Bee quilts.  The quilt itself was a little small so needed a little something.  A piano key large boarder seems to have done the trick.  It was also suppose to have a smaller inner boarder.  Suppose to.  Forgot about that.  No biggie.

Here's the thing though.  I seem to forget a lot lately.  Not big things mostly.  Little things.  There is a reason for it and I am in the process of fixing it but, in the meantime, I just try to not let it get to me.  Easier said than done for the Type A personality I have.

Anyhow, along with this quilt, I have my Modern Tradition quilt to bind.  It is gorgeous.  Can't wait to show you that.

And I have 2 itty bits of a boarder to finish on this Japenese-y quilt.  Just need to get some help figuring out how to make a few things work.

I have pieces cut but not sewn on an Oh Fransson quilt too.

But before I do that, I am going to pull out some more Bee blocks and get it done!

L xo


kwiltmakr said...

Love the dots. I need to get some projects out of the way so I can work on my bee blocks too.

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