Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Am In Love ...

with hexagons (even though I haven't made that many recently - only for my bee blocks - that's one of them up there.

with satellite radio - I know I am the last one to the party but just got it this weekend - love it.

with my dog - because sometimes he is the only thing I talk to for hours - he is good company and a great listener.

with hot yoga - I am back at it and it feels amazing - my last two classes focused on commitment and whether you wanted to be the light or the bulb - I am choosing light.

with working from home - it is sometimes a hard balancing act but I love having the opportunity to keep working while being able to drive my beautiful children to and from school.

with bee friends who are patient with me as I am always late with my blocks - you know who you are xoxo

with bluelily photography - they are coming back to Calgary in August and I have already signed us up to have them take our pictures again - big hooray.

with lots of other things too but I am going to my inlaws for dinner tonight and we are going to be late if I don't get going ...

Talk to you tomorrow (I told you I was blogging all week).

L xo


Anonymous said...

being in love is a good thing. i share your love for satellite radio (lithium station, baby!)

also, my patience knows no bounds for good people like you! ;)

traceyjay said...

this is beautiful!

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