Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dare to be Square

Dare to Be Square Quilting by Boo Davis from Quiltsrÿche on Vimeo.

I may be late to the party on this one, but I just picked this book up yesterday and ohmygosh, I love it.  I haven't done a lot of solid colour quilting but this book may change that.  I absolutely love everything in this book.  And I am picky.  Which doesn't mean I don't pick up a book even though there may be only 2 patterns that I like.  But it does mean I am not quick to wholeheartedly, without reservation tell you to take a look at something.  

I am wholeheartedly, without reservation telling you to take a look at this book (or the video about the book - which, as an aside, I find very clever.  The whole video/book thing.  I used to review books for a national newspaper here in our sweet Canada and love all things books and, while the actual book will always be my first love, I am kinda digging technology as a means to get more people to read.  But I digress).

Take a look at this book because it is quirky and fun.  And has great patterns that everyone can do.  And is really well written.  That Boo has talent.  And from the patterns, I would guess also a great sense of humour.  Absolutely lovely, if I do say so myself.

I hope all is well with everyone.  We have a dog with a stomach ailment at Casa Cohen.  Restless nights to say the least.  Poor sweet Chester.

L xo

PS - In non-quilting book news, I am starting the Harry Potter book series (yep, all 7) again, for the 8th time, in preparation for the movie release in November.  Love them.

PPS - Boo's book is very cute and not offensive.  Her website may be for some of you (just sayin because I don't want to offend anyone).  I dig it because it shakes things up and I think that is a good thing.  Some may not.  (can you tell I am a lawyer, geesh, all the warning and waiver language ...)


Lesly said...

Hilar. Never seen that book, but I love the vid and the great quilts shown therein. I just won a $100 gift cert. from my LQS thru a random draw; however, I think the odds of them having this book are like 1000000000 to 1. Must love up to Indigo online, I guess.

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