Monday, July 12, 2010

What I Wanted to Blog About

yesterday was this ... our sweet E leaving for sleep away camp for an entire week!  We are so proud of his big self and even though his mama had big tears, she knows he is going to have the time of is life.

Why couldn't I post this yesterday?  Why is there no music today?  Because I cut off the top of my left index finger with a rotary cutter, that's why.  Yep.  No tip of finger left.  Morphine, an ambulance ride, nausea, skin graft, stitches ... the whole shebang!

No idea what it looks like because it is all wrapped up.  I'll see it on Thursday when I meet with the plastic surgeon.

Who knew quilting was an extreme sport?

L xo


Lady Docker said...

Oh Leanne you poor thing. I hope you recover quickly and are not in too much pain. Hopefully it won't stop you sewing for too long. At least you can still blog so we won't be missing you too much :)

x x

Lesly said...

OMG Leanne!!!! That's brutal! I hope everything goes well - a skin graft? That's hard core, woman! Hang in, there. Hope you can still manage to lift a gin and tonic, even if you can't sew.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry to hear about your wee rotary cutter accident. Holy cow. I never even think about that. I definitely will, now.

I second Lesly's hope that your other hand is the gin and tonic hand!

RWL said...

OH MY GOD. Leanne - this is so scary!!!!! I hope it's all OK. Keep me posted. Sending warm wishes your way.... XOXO

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