Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Block that Took My Finger

At least it is a pretty good one, or at least I think so.  Finished up today (it came away unscathed in the Quilt Town Massacre, as we like to call Sunday night).  It is all Flutterby goodness - the instructions were a non-traditional block of our liking.  I know the pinwheel is traditional but I am hoping the wonkiness will be enough non-traditional for my fellow Bee-er, Viv.

Thanks so much for the sweet thoughts about the whole finger thing.  It doesn't even hurt!  Sleeping with my arm up isn't the most fun I have ever had, but, all in all, pretty good times.

L xo


Greta said...

Umm I love the block! Sorry it ate your finger but the block is beautiful.

polly said...

I want to tell you after reading your blog yesterday, I dug out my Klutz glove!!!!!! I am on blood thinner and Plavix and that would have been a disaster for me. I hope you recover quickly and thanks for reminding us how sharp those cutter are!

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