Friday, January 22, 2010


I had this great post all set to go in my head and then my day happened. Instead of blogging in the quiet of my home, after about 6 hours of running around (chicken/no head) and with only about 30 minutes to myself, I am at a great cafe (Phil&Sebastian) with a woman at the next table waxing poetic about herself and 2010 and honesty and her true self and filling oneself with the authentic and, and, and ... Can you tell I am having trouble concentrating? I swear I am doing my best not to listen ...

Anyhow, with 29 minutes left until I pick up the babes from school, I wanted to at least cross posting my first wonky block off my list. This one is for Melissa and our Modern Quilting Bee . I really liked doing this block. Melissa sent some of my favourite fabrics and it was so nice to work with them. Wonky goes against my type A personality and I think that is fabulous. Because that is exactly what I was hoping for by joining these bees ... learning new things, trying things I wouldn't normally have chosen and all that jazz (which reminds me I have to go pick up Fame from Blockbuster to keep me company while I sew tonight).

I think these bees and I are going to get along fine. A churn dash, a pinwheel and some half square triangles and January's blocks will be done.

Okay, I can't take it anymore. Can't take the chatter from the self actualization table. Forgive my sarcasm. Will regain patience at my hot yoga class this afternoon.

Happy happy Friday.

L xo


kwiltmakr said...

Very nice block!

FabricandFlowers said...

I'm in the Pinwheel group with you. I related to your a Type A to quilting...need the creativity to survive. Love your blog.


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