Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Spring

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So many posts in February, so few posts in March. And now, nothing to show you that I have been sewing. But only because I can't, for the life of me, find my SD card or USB thingy. Since Valentine's Day. So much for the Love Month.

I have been sewing. And sorting. But nothing I am over the moon about. Just Bee blocks. Not that I don't like doing them, I do. Just that I am missing that "making a quilt top feeling". You know what I am saying?

I have had a little flickr mail convo going with my Bee friend Greta. Greta and I are on the same page about a lot of stuff quilting-ish. It is really nice to have a Bee friend. Except that Greta had me thinking so much about blocks for my Bees that I couldn't sleep last night. I landed up cutting away at fabric until 1:30 am. And I am only about 1/2 done cutting. Lots of little pieces. But I think this block is going to be awesome. I stole the idea from Red Pepper Quilts and from Greta.

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But, I really shouldn't be working on those blocks because they don't need to be ready until June or July (I can't remember). The Bee blocks I need to work on are those for my Beatnik Bee blocks. Those need to be ready to go by mid-April because May is my month.

The Beatnik Bee is kinda a quilting out of the box kinda Bee (I think). So I came up with a out of the box kinda idea. One of my favourite artists/illustrators is Charley Harper. We love Mr. Harper around my house. We have books with his drawings, colouring books with his drawings and games with his drawings. Like I said, we dig on Mr. Harper.

So, my Beatnik Bee blocks are going to be all about Mr. Harper. 12 different blocks with sizes no smaller than 10.5" and no bigger than 16.5". The size will be determined by my fellow bee-ers. I am going to send each one one of Mr. Harper's illustrations and then have them interpret it in their block. It can be as literal or as figurative as they decide. I am going to do up 2 example blocks to give everyone an idea and then I am going to let them loose.

In case you don't know who Charley Harper is, here are a couple of examples (not saying these would be the ones I would choose - something a little simpler will work better, I think) ...

I am going to send out lots of different fabrics - solids and smaller prints that match the picture the bee-er gets sent.

I actually think this is going to be a fun family thing to put together - I'll have the boys choose the pictures and then help with the fabric. With all these Bees, I think my stash will finally be mangeable.

Anyhow, I think I have more than made up for my lack of posting through March with this beyond long post. I am off to enjoy the sunshine and hot yoga.

I'll post pictures of all my quiltalong and Bee blocks soon.

L xo

PS - I bought myself that necklace today. How Springy is it? So cute I can barely stand it! I love Spring. Love it.


Greta said...

Can I be green with envy that I don't get to make one of these blocks? Normally not my thing but WOW what a great idea. I have to say interpretation that could be very interesting but I LOVE it. I only have one more block that I need to figure out but I have until August to do so, so I have a little time.

RWL said...

Um...AWESOME idea. I'm jealous too. And I'm also stealing Greta's/Rita's block for one of my bee months. I love it so much it's a little ridiculous.

Heidi said...

I love the idea of taking an illustration and making a quilt block from it. I had never seen Mr. Harper's work before. But, WOW. I think he has gained another fan :) Now I can't wait til May!

Katie said...

I'm with Heidi - this is an awesome idea! I can't wait until May now either.

bellaandmolly said...

Great idea. I can hardly wait to get the package in the mail. I love stretching my creative side.

Nichol said...

Very cool! Can't wait to get my package either and see what is in store.

Lara said...

Oh jeepers Leanne! I am scared half to death already!! haha It's such a cool idea that I hope I don't disappoint! I bet it will be a very cool quilt!!

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