Sunday, December 6, 2009


I had plans for a quilting update post (since this blog is called quiltsabit, it would be fitting, don't you think?) but 1 dead camera battery has thwarted my plans. I have Christmas quilts (for my Jewish children) to show (and bind), a finally finished in-law 50th wedding anniversary quilt, and so so much fabric for Sunday stash (almost embarassing how much fabric I have to choose from). But funny how the universe works because rather than blogging about all that, I'll just direct you to this blog

From there, you must go and read Part 1 of a story about Stephanie Nielsen published in the Arizona Republic today. And then, you have to go back and read Stephanie's blog from the beginning (you'll want to, trust me). Her story is life changing. At least, it was for me. Really.

I started reading the NieNie dialogues after I clicked a button from another site (when I learn to put buttons on mine, Stephanie's will be there, for certain). I happened to read her site on the day she had posted pictures of her and her husband, Christian, on the Oprah Winfrey show. And I was floored. Not because of her story (that came later when I started reading more) but because she said she looked like a lion in the blouse she was wearing and just that same morning, the day I found her site, I had the same shirt on, which I changed out of into something different, because the minute I put it on, I turned to my husband and said, "I can't wear this, I look like a lion". Not a word of a lie.

I digress.

After reading the NieNie dialogues you then have to go to Stephanie's sister, Courtney's site,

And not because she is Stephanie's sister (which is how I found her blog), but because she is hilarious and honest and refreshing ... And laughter is sometimes the best medicine.

And once you are done all that reading, start telling people about what you read. Because hope and faith and love and family and the human spirit, well, we need more stories about those sorts of things, don't we?

I can't think of a better blog post. Much more important than my quilts.

PS - Stay tuned. I have a surprise planned for Stephanie ...

PPS - Back to regularly scheduled quilt blogging as soon as I find that damn charger.


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