Friday, June 11, 2010

Pin it Forward - What Home Means to Me

Today is my Pin It Forward day. 

I am so excited to be part of the Pin It Forward - a blog mash up put together by one of my all time faves in the inspiration department, Victoria of  SF Girl by the Bay and some really talented folks at Pinterest.  

(To be honest, I am a little overwhelmed by the company I am keeping by participating in this amazing blog it forward project - yesterday's post was written by the very talented, Emma Lamb - you have to follow her blog, really.)

The lovely theme of this Pin It Forward is "What Home Means to Me". 

While we plan our renovation and decide the colours of walls and floors, it becomes more and more clear to me that my home does mean not the four walls I live in, but the life I have with the 3 people I live with me inside those four walls.

Since it would be an impossible task to put into words what home means to be, these pictures are as close as I can get (a big thanks to Pinterest for making it oh so easy to put my board together.  I am in love with this Pinterest, it is true).

So ...

Home means everything to me.

Home means that I can be at my best and my worst and be loved either way.

Home means days full of sunshine and children laughing in the backyard.

Home is where I am safe and find comfort.  And sometimes, sleep.

Home means old stories read, new ones imagined ....

and art made.

Home means lots of cake ...

and celebrations and dance parties while making pancakes on Saturday morning.


Home means ...
Without my three boys ...

home would hold little meaning for me.

L xo

PS - As part of Pin it Forward, go check out The Road to Wonder Tomorrow on Monday. Better yet, check out the list at SF Girl by the Bay, and visit all the lovely blogs and their "What Home Means to Me" posts.  They are a ton of amazing blog posts to be read.

PPS - You can check out my entire Pinterest board on What Home Means to Me here. I have started a few other boards too. Once you get going, it is pretty hard to stop pinning.  Think of it as this week's For You Friday - you really need to get going on this.  Trust.  Go get an invite.  Now.

PPPS - I grew up in an amazing home (and I don't mean the structure).  I owe my parents everything for working so hard to make sure my brother and I knew that wherever we went in life, we could always come home.  I hope that my children will always carry our home in their hearts.


Lady Docker said...

Leanne - you brought a tear to my eye. What lovely sentiments. When I have a few moments I will follow the links.

sfgirlbybay said...

beautiful post leanne. thank you so much for sharing such beautiful color and images, as well as your lovely family!

melissa l. said...

Leanne, what a sweet sweet post! Loved all the pictures!! Thank you for sharing :)

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