Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Could Just Eat You Up

Without a doubt, this is my favourite sewing project ever. Would you believe that this absolutely fun project was conceived by my sweet 7 year old without help from anyone?

While we still have a way to go - we have plans for the rest of the ghosts, those little dot thingys that Pac Man eats and all the rest of it, I think this is a fantastic start. I just love it. And E has sewn this all by himself. He has his own sewing machine (which works better than mine, some of the time). How cute is that? I could just eat him up, he is so adorable.

What I love most about this little sewing project is the enthusiasm and sheer confidence my wonderful little boy brings to it all. To sew without rules or worry about making this fit or that work, sewing just for the fun and joy of it, is something to be seen. And the absolute love for whatever you make, however it turns out. How wonderful is that?

What a good lesson for all of us quilters, don't you think? To sew because it makes you happy to do so. And not to worry so much if all the points line up or your seams are straight ...

Am 100% behind that kind of quilting, let me tell you.

L xo

PS - Remember that big news I hinted about awhile back, well, I have confirmation about it. While it is big news to me, I don't think there is any news that would take precedence over showing you E's Pac Man sewing. So I'll tell you about it tomorrow.


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